How to apply for a Ph.D. program abroad?

How to apply for a Ph.D. program abroad? The ultimate guide

Looking to study Ph.d. abroad, We will share the process of how to apply for a Ph.D. program abroad.

If you are considering to study a Ph.D. abroad, you must be prepared for extensive studying and research work. But even more than that, you should be prepared for the tiring task of applying for a Ph.D. program and winning a space.

Usually, international universities have very limited positions for recruiting Ph.D. candidates, and being one of them is a thing of honor. However, applying for a doctorate program is entirely different from applying for a master’s program abroad. Also, applying for a Ph.D. abroad is different from applying here in Pakistan. So, before you start your process, complete knowledge of how to apply for it is important.

Here we will discuss the complete process of applying for a doctorate degree at high-ranked international universities. The process for all the universities is the same except for the specific requirements that a particular university might have. Also, keep in mind that you will have to secure high grades in your masters and other tests (TOEFL, GRE, etc.) to get admissions. Moreover, you should be clear about your research interests to apply for a Ph.D. abroad.

Look for the right professor

When applying for a master’s or bachelor’s program, you look for the right-fit university. But in the case of a Ph.D., the scenario is different. First, you short list the universities that are offering your degree of interest and then, you look into the details of their faculty member’s profiles.

This is the main task for you and you have to do it very carefully. A Ph.D. is like working with a professor and pursuing their and your research interests. So, the first step is to find the right professor that has the same research interest as you do. When you find such faculty members, the next step is to email them.

Not every one of them will be interested in taking new candidates the year you are applying. You will have to find it out by emailing them. Tell them how you have the same research interests as they do and how passionate you are about the possibility of working with them. Ask, if they are willing to take new students this year or not.

The best response that you might get is that they want to know more about your academic history and interests. Or they can just tell you to apply through the department’s application process.

Applying for a program

When you apply for a program, you usually are applying for a professor that you are willing to take students. Asking them before and taking their consent increases your chances of acceptance. You have to give reasons for selecting a professor. That’s why be very careful in taking this step and choosing the right faculty. It carries a huge weightage in your application. Other formalities are usually the same like writing a personal statement, and attaching documents, etc.

Paid Ph.D. programs

Ph.D. programs are generally paid in all the developed countries of the world. The United States, Germany, Norway, or Finland; all of these countries not just enroll but hire Ph.D. candidates. This means you do not just study for free, but get a monthly salary or stipend (as some universities would call it), too. This is a handsome amount that helps you to manage your living and study expenses.

Other research expenses are also granted to the scholars where needed. You might have to pay an application fee before applying. But if you are working in the right direction, it is worth it.

What makes you a strong candidate?

To increase your chances of getting accepted for recognized Ph.D. programs of the world, there are a few things you should keep in consideration.

To apply for a Ph.D. program or for any other degree abroad, you have to give some tests like English language tests (TOEFL or IELTS) and GRE in some cases. Make sure you score well in them which is not very difficult.

The next thing is your academic history. Your high grades in your masters can make you a distinct candidate.

More than any other thing that matters for a Ph.D. abroad is your research interests and history. If you have any publications, that can significantly increase your chances. Try to gather as many credentials of them as possible before applying. Good luck with your endeavors.

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