Fun facts about the Psychology department of Punjab University

The psychology department of Punjab University is very famous. The alumni of this department are now research students at some big institutes of Pakistan and the world. However, there are a few fun facts that students of the department have to tell. You will enjoy and relate to them if you are also a psychology student anywhere in Pakistan. 

There is nothing like coeducation; there are two boys adjusting in a class of forty students

University life is about experiencing new things in a co-education environment. This is what you think before entering the psychology department at Punjab University. However, there is very little like co-education n this department. You will be easily able to find two boys trying to adjust in a class of around forty girls. They will very rarely have typical ‘boys’ activities’ in the department. Well, good for them! They have better chances to learn.   

Your thesis will get rejected at least five times before acceptance

A thesis is anything but easy in the psychology department. Your thesis, the printed pages, will get rejected like a million times before it is finally accepted near the deadline. So, be ready because reports and thesis rejection are your fate if you are a part of this department. 

You live half your life around a photocopier’s shop

Since you have to get a lot of reports, research, and thesis in the last two years, you spend a maximum of your time around the photocopier shop. Keep in mind that your savings will all be gone in the last one and a half years. When it comes to the thesis, you have to spend quite an amount to print the pages again which have been rejected. So, save your money for that time. If you have no savings, you are about to go bankrupt.  

Your best friend is not your best friend in the last year of your degree

When there are researches and experiments to be done, reports to be made, visits to hospitals, and many more assignments, it is a blessing if you can take care of yourself. No best friend can help you through your research work or assignments. You have to do it all on your own because no one has time for the other person.  

Your photocopier is more literate than you in the APA style writing

You go to the photocopier to get your report printed and he tells you a hundred mistakes in your APA style writing. Many students just take their reports and get the formatting done by the person at the photocopy. Whether they are either educated or so experienced in that style of writing, God knows! But they save you many rejections by printing your assignments so perfectly. 

People will call you ‘mental’ while passing by your department

A recent graduate of the department mentioned when talked about the image of psychology students in the university, ‘we were taking our physical education class in the ground when someone outside of the department pointed towards us and called us ‘mentals.’ Well, this is a common conception about the psychology students around other departments of the Punjab University. 

The experiments will be weirder and way different than you expected

When you enter the department, you have certain expectations. One is the interesting experiments you will be doing during the degree. The reality is different. You will be doing experiments with your class fellows, checking their memory, or asking them to associate words. They are way different and boring than what you expected. Well, there is one interesting experiment that is talked about next.  

Handling a pigeon in a dark room is what you really have to do in the last few years 

Learning experiments on pigeons are the most interesting thing until they happen. You are allotted a pigeon that you have to take care of. On the experiment day, you take the pigeon in the darkroom and put it in a box. Then, the experiment begins. There is just one day that you might enjoy it. The rest of the days are boring repeated procedures. If you are afraid of pigeons, be ready to fail the semester.   

The sex theories of the ‘Father of psychology’ are the starting and ending point of your degree

When you start your degree, you study the theory of Freud that is mostly about sex drives. That does not end till you are a graduate. You start thinking why is he the father of psychology. I mean you could give this stupid theory. Well, there is something really great in it and you cannot get rid of it until the end of your last semester. The only way you enjoy it is when you are a strong advocate of his theories. Otherwise, psychology is going to be a little boring for you.

By Ayesha Areej

Ayesha Areej is a staff writer at The Academia Magazine

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