Fun facts about Pakistan every student must know

Pakistan is the 5th most populous country in the world, which consists of 4 provinces. Here are a few fun facts about Pakistan that every student should know about.

1. The largest volunteer ambulance service in the world

Started by the late Abdul Sattar Edhi as a single-room shelter, the foundation now operates throughout Pakistan. Pakistan’s Edhi Foundation proudly runs the world’s largest ambulance service, it has over 400 centers throughout Pakistan. The foundation runs a 24-hour emergency ambulance service and provides other services such as free health care, adoption services, orphanage and shelter for the homeless.

2. World’s largest salt mines

Khewra mines of Pakistan produce 330,000 tons of salts every year. Khewra mines were discovered by Alexander’s army by chance when their horses began licking the salt while the troops were resting. The mines have over 40 km of tunnels and a mosque inside. Khewra mines is the world’s second largest salt mine in the world.

3. Pakistan’s Sialkot produces world’s football

Sialkot is the world’s largest producer of hand sewn footballs. Local factories located in the city produce over 60 million footballs a year which makes up to 70% of the world’s total production.

4. Fourth largest irrigation system in the world

Pakistan has the largest canal-based irrigation system in the world. Most of the Pakistan’s population depends on the livelihood in agriculture. Pakistan has a complex and massive system of irrigation on the Indus Basin which consists of 202,000 square kilometers of land.

5. Home to second-highest mountain, K2

K-2 is the highest mountain peak in Pakistan and the second highest in the world. K2 is part of the Greater Himalaya Mountain range which is also known as Karakoram Range that extends to India and China. Three of the world’s highest mountain ranges; the greater Himalaya, the ranges of Himalaya and Hindukush are found in Pakistan.

6. World’s highest paved road

Pakistan has the highest paved international road which is The Karakoram Highway (KKH). It’s also called the eighth wonder of the world or China-Pakistan friendship highway. The road runs for 800 miles from Abbottabad in Pakistan to Kashgar in Xinjiang, West China.

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