Federal Govt Stresses Upon Implementation of Single National Curriculum  

ISLAMABAD: Ministry of Federal Education has issued a letter to all provincial/area textbook boards regarding implementation of Single National Curriculum (SNC) Textbook Policy today.

According to the Policy, private publishers are allowed to develop these textbooks aligned with SLOs prescribed by SNC.

Private publishers will require NOC by Provincial/Area Textbook Boards to enable boards to check any inclusion of anti-Pakistan, anti- religion and any other hate material.

The Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training has advised all provincial/area textbook boards to exercise due diligence to ensure that private publishers are producing textbooks, in line with the objectives and contents of SNC..

The ministry has also advised the textbook boards to facilitate the procedure of NOC without red-tapism and to avoid cumbersome administrative complications.

The ministry also apprised the concerned authorities that the new academic session would start now in August 2021 due to extension in examination dates to be held in May/June & also prolonged school closures in the academic year of 2020/2.

The Education Ministry in consultation with provincial/area governments and all other stakeholders has developed Single National Curriculum (SNC) from pre-1 to grade 5, which shall be followed by all public and private schools across the country from the next academic year.

In the direction of the ministry, the National Curriculum Council, in consultation with all the stakeholders, has also developed model textbooks aligned with SLOs prescribed by SNC, from pre-1 to grade 5.

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