Best educational cartoons for your kids

Looking for cartoons for your kids that are educational, fun and entertaining? There are numerous cartoons for kids these days so it gets hard to decide which one of them is the best. But don’t worry, we have got your back. In this article, we have listed some of the best educational cartoons for your children.

1. Dog Loves Books

This show has two characters, a dog and a pug who run a bookshop and the dog loves to read books. In the beginning of each episode, the dog is seen reading a book with the pug and they are quickly transported in the story that the dog is reading. This cartoon is quite engaging and interesting for children. The show focuses on giving a message to their young audience that how reading is an essential part of our lives and encourages an appreciation of writing and reading from a young age.

2. Word Girl

Word Girl is a fun animated show which focuses on improving the vocabulary of kids. The show’s main character is a smart girl who with the knowledge of her vocabulary saves the day from evil villains. Apart from teaching vocabulary in the show, the main character also helps to pronounce complex words. It is a great show for children as it helps to expand vocabulary knowledge and speaking skills.

3. Sid the Science Kid

This animated series teaches kids about various science projects and new learning methods and techniques. The show is about discovering new things in the world around them. The show uses humor and music which keeps the kids entertained throughout the show. The show is a win-win as it will pave the love of science in kids at a very young age.

4. Paw Patrol

Paw Patrol is quite a popular cartoon among kids these days which teaches all about working together in a team and solving problems. The Paw Patrol are a bunch of rescue puppies each a different breed, but they all have special skills. There are various puppies such as Chase which is German Shepherd who acts like a police officer, Zuma a Labrador who is a water rescuer and much more. They all work together in teams trying to protect their community and solve problems together. A great show.

5. Little Einstein’s

This is a fun educational cartoon program for kids of all ages, about four little kids who are explorers going on different missions around the globe in their rocket ship. In each episode, the little explorers go on a different mission in a different country and help their little viewers in learning about geography and culture. This cartoon also features famous art and classical music which is fruitful for kids.

6. Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood

This is a very sweet cartoon series which teaches children all about social strategies but in a gentle and fun manner. The show also teaches kids how to handle and embrace their emotions depending on their age. The series explores situations young kids may have found themselves in like jealousy or feeling scared and together they explore ways to overcome these emotions and find ways to deal with them positively. A must watch cartoon series.

7. Octonauts

Octonauts is an underwater education cartoon series featuring Captain Barnacles and his eight-member adventure team who save the day when their ocean lands up in trouble. The show teaches kids all about sea life and how to protect the environment.

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