10 museums in Pakistan you should visit

10 museums in Pakistan you should visit

In this article, we will list museums in Pakistan you should visit at least once.

Children these days are glued to their phones; they want everything to be available on the digital side. They can’t live a day without their tech gadgets, laptops, and smartphones. Many children are not familiar or might not interested in knowing about rich cultures and history of Pakistan. Every kid should put aside their phones and visit some of the best museums of Pakistan to explore the history, art and culture and to enhance their knowledge. 

State Bank of Pakistan Museum and Art Gallery

State Bank of Pakistan Museum and Art Gallery was established in 2004 and is situated in Karachi. It is visited by numerous people daily. This museum came into being to introduce the first monetary museum of Pakistan. It has different sets of collections for the public available at the museum. They have a currency gallery which displays all the historical currency notes of Pakistan and banknotes of different countries too. On the other hand, they also have a coin gallery which has old machines, tools which make coins and much more. The coin gallery is basically divided into two categories, The Pre-Islamic category and Islamic Gallery till to the present-day coins period. A must visit for every student. 

Pakistan Air Force Museum 

Pakistan Air Force Museum is situated in Karachi, and it was established back in 1990. However, it expanded in 1999-2004, it included eateries, play areas for children and rides. The main museum features all kinds of fighter aircrafts and weapons used by the Pakistan Air Force. However, most weapons and aircrafts are displayed in the park area before entering the main museum area. Students should visit this museum as there are much more interest things to see at Pakistan Air Force Museum. 

Lahore Museum

Lahore Museum is based in Lahore and was built during the British period (1849-1947). The building is a majestic with traces of Mughal architecture followed by red bricks. Lahore museum contains the oldest collections of cultural, artistic and historical objects, it is visited by many and is one of the most visited museums of Pakistan. It showcases rare manuscripts, Gandhara sculpture, miniature paintings and old currency old coins that are historical. The collections in this museum have attracted many scholars, researchers, tourists and students. So, if you haven’t visited the Lahore Museum yet, you should plan a trip soon. 

Pakistan Museum of Natural History

The Pakistan Museum of Natural History has a vast collection of natural history exhibits, from fossils to preserved animals, this museum has a collection of over 600,000 objects. It is situated in Islamabad and was established in 1976. It provides information in numerous departments such as paleontology, geology and ecology, it is also a research center. The museum is managed by Pakistan Science Foundation. Students who have a keen interest in animals and science, this is a must visit place for you. 

Taxila Museum 

Taxila Museum holds a significant amount of collection of the Gandharan art. Most objects displayed at the Taxila Museum were discovered from the ruins of the ancient Taxila. There are many more historical sites nearby the museum. More than 4000 objects are displayed here including stones, gold, silver, sculptures, stones statues, tools, pottery, ancient coins and much more variety. This place should be on your list if you are exploring about the history of Taxila. 

Pakistan Railways Heritage Museum

Pakistan Railways Heritage Museum, which is also known as Golra Sharif Railway Museum, situated in Islamabad, established in 2003. The building has a unique Victorian architecture which attracts many people. More than twenty trains pass through the station every day. Signaling systems, old communication tools, machines, mechanical models, trolleys, coaches are all displayed in the museum. Many schools bring children here on fieldtrips, a must-see place. 

Pakistan Maritime Museum 

Situated in Karachi, Pakistan Maritime Museum is a naval museum and park. The main purpose behind this museum is to raise awareness among people about the naval history of Pakistan, artefacts and various equipment. This museum has about three floors which contains about six galleries. The exhibits on display include vintage naval equipment, paintings, different booths where you can access information about relics on the displays, ancient maps, aircrafts, submarines, miniature models of naval ships and the list goes on. If you plan on visiting Karachi, do visit this place. 

Lok Virsa Museum

Lok Virsa Museum is based in Islamabad. It is administered by Lok Virsa- National Institute of Folk and Traditional Heritage. Many of you must have heard about Lok Virsa, it is very popular and daily thousands of people visit this place. The museum consists of several buildings and an outdoor museum as well. The museum displays the cultural heritage of Pakistani people. The living style of Pakistani people is displayed here in the forms of music, textile work or statues and pictures. It is considered as one of the finest cultural museums of Pakistan. 

National Museum of Science and Technology

National Museum of Science and Technology (NMST) is based in Lahore. National Science Museum is the perfect place for all the science lovers out there. The museum contains about 500 science projects that enable you to learn about general knowledge, biology, physics, psychology and math. It has up to four huge galleries, it is a finest choice for students who have an interest to learn more about technology and science. It is a knowledge bank, a must-visit place for every student to broaden their minds in science and technology. 

Peshawar Museum

Located in Peshawar, the Peshawar Museum is one of the most popular museums in Southeast Asia as it contains Buddhist sculptures from the Gandhara period. The museum is quite huge, it displays lithic inscriptions, Buddhist biographical panels, Gandhara art, Kalash wooden statues (Gandao), Buddha heads in various sizes etc. There is so much historical collection that once can’t see everything in a day. The other sections of the museums are covered with the era of Muslims and Tribal. There is so much to explore at the Peshawar Museum, it is a must-visit for every student. 

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